Nov 13, 2009

East Timor (Timor Leste) Travel Guide

Timor Leste is a small half island country in Southeast Asia. Timor Leste has beautiful beaches, mountains covered with lush green vegetation and towns with a brush of Portuguese culture and architecture. East Timor travel guide has many things to offer to visitors going to this beautiful country.

Timor Leste has many cities that can be visited for pleasant trips. While referring to East Timor Travel Guide the country presents Portuguese touch in its cities for the long rule of Portugal there. Dili is the main city of Timor Leste that offers sites worth one's money:

Dili-It is the capital of Timor Leste. Dili has many cheap hotels for travelers to stay in. Central Maridine is one of the good hotels of Dili offering good accommodations and facilities at reasonable rates. There are many restaurants in Dili offering delicious Indian, Indonesian and Asian food items complete with local fruits and desserts. Great amount of shopping can be done in Dili's local markets at cheap rates. Dili has many places worth seeing, these are:
  • Motael Church
  • Old Governer's Palace
  • Santa Cruz Cemetry
  • East timor National Stadium
  • Mani Catholic Church
The ideal time to go to Timor Leste is between May to November. After November the wet season starts in Timor Leste which can make traveling difficult especially on the slippery roads. Apart from this the political uncertainty can destroy the fun of one's travel so it is better to check the situation there then plan for vacation to Timor Leste.


  1. Its interesting place but l never known about them.

  2. Timor-Leste is an anonymous and un-explored place which is totally unseen and un-discovered by the outer world.

    Timor Leste as a popular tourist spot offers a number of attractions and sightseeing to indulge in. The popular attractions and sight seeing of Timor Leste includes:


    Trekking and mountaineering

    Bird watching

    Whale and dolphin watching

    Scuba diving and snorkeling.

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